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The Top 4 Places to Visit in your Mt. Pleasant Golf Cart Rental

Mt. Pleasant Golf Cart Rentals: Top Places to Visit

There are several reasons that Mt. Pleasant is consistently ranked amongst America’s top places to live and it can all be experienced during a Mt. Pleasant Golf Cart rental! The strategic location just outside of Charleston gives its residents the ability to quickly get downtown and enjoy all that the historic city has to offer, while also being able to live in a suburban environment with modern homes, diverse restaurants, quality shopping and top-notch public schools among many other benefits. Mt. Pleasant is also right in between downtown Charleston and some of the best beaches that South Carolina has to offer. Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island are visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year and the quaint beach towns truly epitomize the best of what the Lowcountry coastline has to offer. Pristine beaches, beautiful homes, excellent ocean-view restaurants, and plenty of family friendly activities make this area one of the most desirable destinations for vacationing as well as retiring.


Mt. Pleasant Golf Cart Rental

One of the best things about living/staying in Mt. Pleasant or the surrounding beaches is the ability to get around in your very own street legal golf cart or LSV! A Mt. Pleasant golf cart rental takes transportation to the next level by giving you a fun and efficient way of getting around the area and enjoying that incredible South Carolina weather. Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) have their very own set of rules separate from a traditional golf cart or other electric vehicle. LSV’s must be street legal, meaning they have seat belts, blinkers, mirrors, windshield, wipers, horn, and can travel up to 25 MPH. LSV’s can travel on any road that has a speed limit no more than 35 MPH. These laws are important to remember if you are planning to rent or own a low speed vehicle so that you do not find yourself in an unsafe situation or engaging with law enforcement.

With that being said, there are some awesome parts of Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding beaches that are especially accessible by low speed vehicles. Let’s highlight some of those venues below:


Shem Creek

Shem Creek is one of the most popular parts of the entire Charleston area for both locals and those visiting. This estuary is busy with active shrimpers, boat goers, fisherman, and seafood seeking tourists. There are several large restaurants along the water that also moonlight as bars/clubs with electric dance music. On the weekends, parking can be difficult due to the crowds, but there are several small spots close the venues that are primarily reserved for LSVs and golf carts. Shem Creek is also connected to several neighborhood roads and side streets that make it easy to get around without going on a road that exceed the MPH requirement. This is a must visit if you haven’t been before! If you are hungry and looking for a good atmosphere and live music, Saltwater Cowboy is the place for you. The chefs at SWC have a passion for BBQ and local seafood that is sure to please any palate. Whether it’s due to the boat access, the gorgeous scenic views, delicious food, entertaining atmosphere, you’ll struggle to have a bad time.

Shem Creek - SC Picture Project


Patriots Point

Patriots Point is home to several different family friendly attractions that not only highlight the natural beauty and aesthetic of the low country, but also give educational opportunities through the naval museum and nature preserve. Patriots Point is the sole aircraft carrier museum in the world that has all of the top 10 most significant aircrafts in U.S carrier aviation history. There are also many trails, parks, and scenic spots throughout Patriots Point that are all accessible via golf cart or LSV. The Patriots Point golf course is also a local favorite and has stunning views of Charleston Harbor, Ft. Sumter, and downtown Charleston.

A naval carrier beached next to a boat pier.


Old Village

 The historic, “downtown” part of Mt. Pleasant where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and exploring the natural beauty that has made this area so special for so many years. Old Village dates back to the late 1700s when English settlers inhabited the area and established the Mt. Pleasant Plantation which eventually became the namesake for the town itself. Pitt Street is the main road through the area and extends all the way to the southern tip of Mt. Pleasant into the surrounding marsh. The Pitt Street Bridge has roots dating back to the Revolutionary War and used to be the only way of accessing the surrounding beaches until the Ben Sawyer Bridge and IOP connector were built. Old Village is perfect for exploring via golf cart or low speed vehicle as all of the neighborhood roads are 35 MPH or lower and there are plenty of full-time residents that use golf carts as their main form of transportation when getting around the immediate area.

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