The Top 3 Beaches to Visit on Isle of Palms in 2024

1. Front Beach

  • Highlights: Conveniently located near the main shopping and dining areas, Front Beach is the most popular beach on Isle of Palms. It offers plenty of parking, clean facilities, and is perfect for families and groups. Vacationers can enjoy a safe and pleasant beach experience with lifeguards on duty throughout the summer. Bring a bucket for the kids, there are hemet crabs everywhere.
  • Activities: Beach volleyball, swimming, sunbathing, and nearby dining at local restaurants such as Acme Lowcountry and the Windjammer.

2. Isle of Palms County Park

isle of palms county park beach

  • Highlights: This beach offers excellent amenities, including picnic areas, a playground, restrooms, and outdoor showers. The park is well-maintained and ideal for families looking for a full day of fun by the sea. The County Park beach is massive and provides plenty of room for relaxation and activities.
  • Activities: Picnicking, beachcombing, sunbathing, and swimming.

3. Wild Dunes Resort Beach

wild dunes beach

  • Highlights: For those seeking a more exclusive beach experience, the Wild Dunes Resort Beach is the perfect choice. Located within the resort, this beach offers a quieter, more private setting with a range of upscale amenities like beach chairs, pools, golf, tennis, and dining. It’s an excellent spot for a relaxing day by the ocean.
  • Activities: Resort activities, swimming, beach walks, and access to resort amenities like dining and golf.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best three beaches on Isle of Palms. They have fun things for the whole family as well as quiet places to relax. These beaches have something for everyone, whether you want to swim, lay out in the sun, or just enjoy the beauty of the coast. If you aren’t walking distance from the beach, try renting a golf cart for easy access!

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