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At GolfCart.Fun, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to all of our clients. Whether you're planning a small vacation, or a large corporate event, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your rental experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Our fleet is made up of 2023 Street Legal Luxury Golf Carts LSVs. Our Seabrook Island golf cart rentals come equipped with seat belts, headlights, bluetooth sound system, usb charging ports, and even a backup camera! Unlike most of the competition, you can drive our vehicles at night! Order today and see if we can get a golf cart delivered to to your door tomorrow!

All of our golf carts are electric/eco-friendly, so they are much quieter than gas vehicles and save you money at the pump. Our street legal golf carts can all be driven on roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less. Since golf carts are much smaller than traditional vehicles, parking in crowded areas is a breeze. Click here to level up your Seabrook Island vacation for as low as $69/day!

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6 Passenger Seabrook Island Golf Cart Rental

Isle of Palms Wedding Rental

Perfect for Events and Vacations

Are you planning a wedding or event and looking for a unique and eco-friendly transportation option for your guests? Look no further! Our 6 six seat luxury golf cart is the perfect solution for shuttling guests to and from your venue.

Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or family gathering, a luxury golf cart can add a convenient and elegant touch to your special occasion.

Golf Carts can be used to transport people, equipment, and supplies, which saves time and effort for event attendees and organizers. All of our golf carts are electric, making them more environmentally friendly and quieter than gas powered vehicles.

Book now to make your special event even more memorable with a 2023 Seabrook Island golf cart rental.

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Are you looking for an eco-friendly and efficient way to get around Seabrook Island, SC? Look no further! Our Seabrook golf cart rentals are electric; so you'll output zero emissions and don't have to worry about refilling the tank!

Because all of our golf carts are street legal, you can easily navigate the crowded streets and busy areas! Rent one today and experience the fun for yourself!

We are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have! Our staff is always open receiving feedback and suggestions on how we can improve.

So what are you waiting for? Book your golf cart rental in Seabrook Island today!

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4 Passenger Seabrook Island Golf Cart Rental

A street legal golf cart is also referred to as a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV). In accordance with South Carolina code of law 56-2-100, a Low Speed Vehicle is defined as a four-wheeled vehicle whose speed in attainable in one mile is greater than 20 miles an hour and not more than 25 miles per hour.

An LSV comes factory equipped with seatbelts, windshield wipers, turn signals, horn, headlights, side and rear view mirrors, speedometer, taillights, and a speedometer. LSV’s must have a registered with the DMV and have a license plate.

LSV’s can be driven on most public roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less. We only carry street legal golf cart lsvs so you can drive your vehicle on many more roads than a traditional golf cart, and even at night!

In order to operate an LSV, a person must have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Please be sure to talk to your property owner to get a Seabrook Island Gate Pass. You learn more about the gate passes here:

SIPOA Daily Pass Location

Your gate pass will allow you to seamlessly enter and exit the Gate!

We will also collect a copy of your driver’s license and insurance card. Outside of that all you need is a smile and an appetite for a good time!

You can drive your golf cart lsv on all roads and highways with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less! Unlike standard golf carts, you can drive our golf cart lsv’s during the nighttime!

You also need your driver’s license in order to operate our lsvs, as well as a copy of your auto insurance.

Yes, we deliver our Seabrook Island golf carts to your door! We will contact you to coordinate and delivery time that works best for you! We do have a one time $100 fee that covers your delivery and pickup.

Our fleet is made up street legal electric vehicles so if you’re going to be getting a lot of use out of your golf cart, you should be charging it overnight. Our golf carts come equipped with a charger and heavy duty extension cords that plug into the standard household 3-prong outlet.

Our golf carts come equipped with a battery charge indicator that gives you a rough estimate of how much battery is left. We also have an app that can give you more insight as to how much power is left. As a rule of thumb – if you aren’t going to use your golf cart for a couple of hours, we recommend keeping it plugged in so you get maximum performance out of your vehicle.

A fully charged golf cart will get you 20-25 miles of driving, more than enough range to explore Seabrook Island!

We understand that unexpected events can occur, and plans may need to be changed. That’s why we offer a flexible cancellation policy to our customers. If you need to cancel or adjust your golf cart rental, please notify us as soon as possible at (843)-800-0310 or

We believe transparency with our customers is key, especially when it comes to our cancellation policy, so you can make informed decisions when booking. Our policy is designed to be fair and reasonable, while also allowing us to provide the best service to our customers.

Our tiered policy is listed below:

  • Cancellation greater than 30 days from rental date- 100% Refund
  • Cancellation between 15 and 30 days from rental date- 50% Refund
  • Cancellation with less than 15 days to rental date – 0% Refund


Yes! Because our golf carts are street legal LSV’s, you can drive your golf cart on any road with posted speeds of 35 mph or less, at any time of the day or night!

If you are interested in reading more detail about golf cart LSV regulation in Seabrook Island, check out the links below:


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